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Of Kings, Queens and Colonies

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Here's what I'm up to. Let's hook up.


League of Utah Writers 86th Anniversary Mixer and Fundraiser

Saturday July 31, 2021,| 6:30 – 10:00 pm


League of Utah Writers Quills Conference Quills

Thursday through Sunday
August 12 - 15, 2021



University of Utah Marriott
480 Wakara Way
Salt Lake City, UT 84108



My schedule:

Thursday, August 12th

5:00-7:00 p.m. — Summit Room
— Board Meeting


Friday, August 13th

8:00-8:50 a.m. — Fort Douglas Room
— Morning Zen & the Art of Writing Day 1: The Mindful Author


9:00-9:50 a.m. — Ballroom
— Opening Ceremony


11:00-11:50 a.m. — Amphitheater
— Scrivener: an introduction for beginners


Saturday, August 14th

8:00-8:50 a.m. — Fort Douglas Room
— Morning Zen & the Art of Writing Day 2: The Feeling Author


3:00-3:30 p.m. — Conference Atrium
— Book Signing


6:00-8:00 p.m. — Ballroom
— Quills Awards and Banguet


Sunday, August 15th

8:00-8:50 a.m. — Fort Douglas Room
— Morning Zen & the Art of Writing Day 3: The Thoughtful Author


UofULifelong Learning - University of Utah

(we hope)

Continuing Education Building
540 Arapeen Drive (Research Park)
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Creative Writing 1 (LLWRC 780)LLWRC780

Tuesday Nights (6 sessions)
Aug. 24 - Sep. 28, 2021

6:30-9:00 p.m.

Creative Writing (LLWRC 780): How do we tell stories? What do we include in writing, and what remains unsaid? Build your voice as we focus on a group of specific techniques for shaping and informing your creative skills, including character, plot, point of view, description, dialogue, and setting. In class, we will read short selections of writing to see what techniques we can beg, borrow, and steal from them. We will experiment with in-class writing exercises and read and discuss each other's work. Writing can be inventive, illogical, chaotic, unexpected, strange, and wonderful. In this class, we will practice seeing the world in new ways and then recreating that experience on the page.


Lifelong Learning - University of UtahUofU

(we hope)

Continuing Education Building
540 Arapeen Drive (Research Park)
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

Creative Writing Bootcamp (LLWRC 842)

CRBC2 Saturdays
Sep. 4th & 11th, 2021

10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Creative Writing Bootcamp (LLWRC 842) Have you always wanted to write creatively but never had the chance to start? Or is your writer-self blocked and unable to finish anything? In Creative Writing Bootcamp, we'll launch into a series of generative exercises designed to give you plenty of material for your own stories. In between exercises, we'll share our work in an open and joyous environment, discuss craft, and explore how to incorporate writing into daily life. You'll leave class with a series of flash fictions ready to be polished or expanded in your writing practices.

Johnny Worthen at FanX FanX

September 16 – 18, 2021

Salt Palace Convention Center
100 South West Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84101


My booth is at D113
- come by and visit


My Panel Schedule

Friday, September 17th

1:00 p.m. — Room 251 A

40 Years of Indiana Jones

Doctor Jones! You're movies have been out for forty years! Join us for discussions on the ups and downs of the last forty years for our favorite academic adventurer. From the absolute best of Indy to whatever the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was, we'll look at themes, issues, and of course, speculate about the future of our beloved Dr. Jones.

WITH: Chelsy Bloomfield, Luke Hunsaker, Dane Johns Moderator, Corey Moss, Caitlin Sangster, Dan Wells, Johnny Worthen

2:00 p.m – Room 355 B

RPG Worldbuilding: Creating Your Own, Expanding on Others

Authors and Dungeon Masters discuss the art of building a subversive world and the pitfalls and highlights of doing so.

WITH: Cheree Alsop, Jason Godwin, Johnny Worthen

7:00 p.m – Room 255 BC

Loki Murder Mystery: Death at the Time Variance Authority

WITH: Shannen Camp, Jenny Cottam, Robin Glassey, Julie Langan, J. Christopher Thompson, Johnny Worthen, Aaron Lee Yeager Moderator

Saturday, September 18th

11:00 p.m. — Room 355 B

Role Playing and Character Building: Building Beyond the Murder Hobo

Explore the joys of role playing and build characters that will last beyond the first fight.

WITH: Cheree Alsop, Jason Godwin, Johnny Worthen


American Fork Writing ConferenceAmerican Fork

Saturday Sept. 25, 2021

10:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

American Fork Library
64 South 100 East
American Fork, UT 84003


Free Conference


Speed Date with a Book

Brigham City Library Event

Tuesday October 5th, 2021

7:00 p.m.


UofULifelong Learning - University of Utah

(we hope)

Continuing Education Building
540 Arapeen Drive (Research Park)
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

A Study in Mystery (LLWRC 837)

Tuesday Nights (7 sessions)
Oct. 12 - Nov. 23, 2021
6:30-9:00 p.m.

Look behind the curtain of the formulaic, but eternally popular genre: the Mystery Story. Learn about the constructions, tropes, types and methods that make the modern whodunit. Designed for both writers and fans of the mystery genre, class will include assignments and activities on plot, character web, record keeping, suspense, tension and conflict. Refine your work as you're asked the questions: Did you hide the clue well enough? Does the audience care about the victim? Is the suspense tight enough? By the end of the course, if the crime is writing a mystery story, the "Whodunit" will be you!



Colorado Gold Writing Conference RMFW-Gold

Friday through Sunday
October 15 - 17, 2021

Renaissance Denver
Central Park Hotel

3801 Quebec Street
Denver, Colorado 80207


My Schedule:

Friday, October 15, 2021

3:00-3:50 p.m. — Durango
— There are No Rules; Here are Ten.

Elmore Leonard’s 10 Rules of Writing have inspired authors for years. Leonard’s rules, like his style, are simple, direct and effective. We’ll talk about each of them, discuss their strengths and weaknesses, why they’re used and how and when to break them, all in the pursuit of the invisible author.

6:00 - 8:00 p.m. — Ballroom C and D
— Kickoff Dinner Banquet - I'll be a table host.
8:00 p.m. — Ballroom A and B
— Author Signing and Book Sale.


Sunday, October 17, 2021

8:00-8:50 a.m. — Aspen
— Deeper Reading For Deeper Writing: An Introduction to Deconstruction

Consciously or unconsciously meaning is hidden beneath signs and facades in literature, layered in word choice and focus. Through shared reading, discussion and meaning and themes, we will learn to consciously see what our subconscious feels within a text, those elements that unite and undercut, but always elevate craft into art. Once you understand deconstruction, your reading and your writing will never be the same.


Lifelong Learning - University of UtahUofU

Continuing Education Building
540 Arapeen Drive (Research Park)
Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

HCHorrorHorror Writing Bookcamp
(LLWRC 862)

Saturdays (3 sessions)
Oct. 30, Nov. 6th & 13th
10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Horror is more than a genre, it’s a physical sensation, the place where the unknown lurks, where nothing can be assumed, and anything can happen. Explore the nuances of creating levels of fear, and effective techniques that allow your writing to create a desired reaction – fear! dread! disgust! -  from your readers.  This intensive two week course of lecture presentation and workshop will give you an opportunity to write and present your work for critique and discussion (which isn’t as scary as it sounds!) 



HHSAnnual FBLA Entrepreneur Panel
—Monday, November 15, 2021, 2:30 p.m.

Hunter High School
4200 South 5600 West
West Valley City, UT 84120

Of Kings, Queens and Colonites



November 16, 2021


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Book Signing

Saturday, December 11 – 2:00-4:00 P.M.


Barnes & Noble (Orem)
330 Eeast 1300 Sout
Orem, Utah 84058


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