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MysteryLook behind the curtain of the formulaic, but eternally popular genre: the Mystery Story. Learn about the constructions, tropes, types and methods that make the modern whodunit. Designed for both writers and fans of the mystery genre, class will include assignments and activities on plot, character web, record keeping, suspense, tension and conflict. Refine your work as you're asked the questions: Did you hide the clue well enough? Does the audience care about the victim? Is the suspense tight enough? By the end of the course, if the crime is writing a mystery story, the "Whodunit" will be you!

Tuesday Nights (7 sessions)
Oct. 16 - Nov. 27
, 2018
6:30-9:00 p.m.


Class Resources:

Syllabus (Fall 2018)

Weekly Lecture Notes and Materials:

Week 1: Beginnings

Presentation Slides - Week 1



Week 2: Elements & Stories

Presentation Slides - Week 2

Character Questionnaire

Ellery Queen – Challenge to the Reader

First Story Example (Cassie, Who Lies)

Week 3: Sleuths & Detection

Presentation Slides - Week 3

Character Record Sheet

Standard Manuscript Format

Before the Fact Synopsis (Cassie, Who Lies)

Week 4: The Other Guys

Presentation Slides - Week 4

The Big Body

Week 5: Plots & Plotting

Presentation Slides - Week 5

Scene Outline Worksheet

Week 6: Bits & Pieces and How To Write A Book

Presentation Slides - Week 6

Week 7: The Last of Sheila

The Last of Sheila Sheet


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