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Of Heroes, Homes and Honey

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A Little Wrong.

The Salt City Genre Writers 2019 Chapter Anthology

A Little WrongNow available at Amazon

Award Winning

Award winning story

"Wrest once the law to your authority. To do a great right, do a little wrong, and curb this cruel devil of his will." --Shakespeare, The Merchant of VeniceA husband and wife have both been keeping secrets from each other. A young bioengineer concocts a plague that will change the world. A tavern-owner wrestles with murdering the sheriff terrorizing her town. A clairvoyant struggles with telling the truth about her view of the future.This anthology is full of tough questions and troubling answers. Each story is written by an active member of the Salt City Genre Writers, and each poses its own thorny ethical dilemma. Dive in, and you'll get 14 different answers to the question, "Do you sometimes have to be bad to do good?"


Channelling my feelings about capitalism and natural resources I wove provocative tale for this excellent anthology called EYE OF THE HURRICANE. My story went on to win a "3rd Honorable Mention" in Short Fiction from the League of Utah Writers which is better than a dead planet, don't you think?

I was also honorored to be asked to write a President's Note as a forward to this maiden antholgy, celebrating the nature of art and community.



EYE OF A HURRICANE in A Little Wrong
Genre: Short Fiction
Words: 4,200
Status: Now available at Amazon

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