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Art & Sedition.

The League of Utah Writers 2022 Anthology

Art and SeditionNow available at Amazon

"The artist in our time has two chief responsibilities:
(1) art; and (2) sedition."
— Edward Abbey

Whether or not an artist intends to do so when creating their work, art—and especially writing—has a profound impact on our history, our communities, and our trajectory as a society. Writers have played a critical role in pushing back against tyranny and authoritarianism through poetry, newspapers, songs, firsthand narratives, and even fiction. Put simply, writing can change the world.

While some change is on a grand scale, other change is more personal, impacting the direction of one life at a time for better or for worse. The poems and stories in Art & Sedition explore the sparks ignited by art and artists in fictional worlds, the here and now, and possible futures that feel all too near.

Featuring New York Times bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole.

With fiction and poetry by C.W. Allen, Bradley S. Blanchard, Abby Feenstra, Alexis Hansen, C.R. Langille, Brooke J Losee, J.L. Milligan, Margot Monroe, Willy Palomo, Talysa Sainz, Johnny Worthen, Bryan Young, and J.E. Zarnofsky.


I had the honor to have been invited to submit to this great anthology. My piece, HOLY LIGHT is now one of my favorites. A bit of A Canticle for Leibowitz and a bit of One Hundred Years of Solitude it examines the hope that can survive even during the worst times. Art contains truth, but it is fragile and must be protected. Those that choose posterity and knowledge over safety and expedience are true heroes and true artists.

Set in terrible near future of facist America, one rising writer and one fallen professor face off over the place of art.  



HOLY LIGHT in Art & Sedition
Genre: Short Fiction: Speculative Fiction (sci-fi)
Words: 5,000
Status: Now available at Amazon