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Chasing Tomorrow

A Collection of Poetry and Prose

Chasing TomorrowNow available at Amazon

"Time is like a river of passing events, and swift is its current." This collection of award-winning poetry and prose from the League of Utah Writers takes the reader on journeys through the currents of time, warming in the glow of nostalgia, weathering grief, finding hope for the future, or hoping that the past doesn't catch up. Featuring fiction, non-fiction, and poetry from Virginia Babcock, Elizabeth Watson Barnes, Robyn Buttars, Denis Feehan, Matthew Funk, Brenda Birch Gallaher, Krystal Gerber, Robin Glassey, Lorin Grace, Amanda Hill, Josie Hulme, Jef Huntsman, Lorraine Jeffery, C.H. Lindsay, Christine McDonough, Chris Todd Miller, John Saporito, Valarie Schenk, Richard Timothy, Marie Tollstrup, Johnny Worthen, and Bryan Young.


This is another one of those rare animals that wander in once in a while, a reprint of a short story that already exists in ink and electrons somewhere. Every year, the League of Utah Writers puts together an anthology of pieces that came through its writing contest, now called the Olive Woolley Burt Awards. I am honored to have been chosen to join my fellow noted contestants in this celebration of writing. My piece, THE LODGE first appeared in PEAKS OF MADNESS.



THE LODGE in Chasing Tomorrow
Genre: Short Fiction
Words: 3,200
Status: Now available at Amazon