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Of Heroes, Homes and Honey

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Humanity gets another chance but will anything be different?

Of Kings, Queens and Colonies Of Civilized, Saved and Savages Of Heroes, Homes and Honey

I cut my reading teeth on Isaac Asimov's Foundation Series, Jack L. Chalker The Four Lords of the Diamond and Frank Herbert's Dune. Like every other reader who dreamed of being a writer, I saw myself one day joining the exclusive club of epic science fiction. It's been a pocket project for years. I found my first notes about this series daying back to 2009. I don't know how I gave myself permission to write such an epic with such vast world-building and sprawling, ideas but I did. Probably by not thinking it would ever be published (note to other writers - wrtie what you want to write—don't worry about reception).

Over the course of three years, I wrote the books of Coronam. A lucky meeting with an editor at a conetion, a rejection from the same and then a request for manuscript for this and the rest is a rollercoast ride representing my greates success so far, as a writer. Published by Flame Tree Press and distributed through Simon and Schuster, this series puts me, if not in the Big Five, at least the foyer eating their mints. Flame Tree is an international publisher and my launch, though occuring the depths of the pandemic, was thus international, London and New York.

The series is named after a volitile star far from Earth that became a lifeboat after our planet was polluted to death. In what was a stretch of fantasy when I wrote it, but is now headlines, the rich and powerful fled earth for space and settled there. Unfortunatley they brought with them the terrible ideas that lead to the loss of their last home. Any hope lies in another planet in the system, the one reached first but disregarded, the one that looks backward and ripe for the taking. The place of bees, Tirgwenin or Jareth's World.

Of Kings, Queens and Colonies  — The First Book of Coronam, hit best seller in August 2022 across all American ebook platforms.

Of Civilized, Saved and Savages — The Second Book of Coronam, was released January 2023 release

Of Heroes, Homes and Honey — The Third Book of Coronam, is slated for a January 4th 2024 release




Genre: Epic Science Fiction
Status: Available now wherever books are sold from Flame Tree Press.