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The Function of Freedom.

League of Utah Writers 85th Anniversary Anthology

The Function of FreedomNow available at Amazon

For 85 years, The League of Utah Writers has worked diligently to encourage and nurture the writing talent in Utah. This collection was assembled to mark the occasion of the League’s anniversary and showcases the talent from all corners of the state. Spanning multiple genres and forms, this competitive anthology represents some of the best the League has to offer from newcomers and seasoned professionals alike.Featuring fiction, poetry, and personal essays by: Blithe Anderson, Anna Bessesen, Rachael Bush, Denis Feehan, Jayrod P. Garrett, Kam Hadley, Alexis Hansen, Danielle Harward, Tim Heare, Miranda Hughes, Grace Diane Jessen, Chris Jones, Christopher G. Jones, Caryn Larrinaga, C.H. Lindsay, Shirley Manning, J. Milligan, Margot Monroe, Sarah Murtagh, John M. Olsen, Valarie Schenk, Elizabeth Suggs, Erica Swenson, Marie Tollstrup, Cassidy Ward, Johnny Worthen, Daniel Yocom, Bryan Young, and J.E. Zarnofsky.Edited by the Utah Freelance Editors Chapter of the League of Utah Writers..


This one is very special to me. This book was conceived as a celebration of the League of Utah Writers which crossed 85 years old under my tenure as president. As such, I have not only an excellent piece in it, but I as also honored with providing a forward.

I believe in giving back. “If you want to achieve your dreams, help others achieve theirs,” has been a long mantra of mine. Another one is “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” These two lines are the essence of my love for the League and the writing community I was so lucky to have. This book, its community and opportunity it provided my friends and League members is a triumph to me, a tangle example of the good works authors do WITH each other every day.It is part entertainment, part historical document, part celebration and all art.

My own piece in this work is called DEPROGRAMMED, a darker piece about pulling someone out of a cult that questions what a cult is. It’s a piece about freedom and, like I said, I’m pretty proud of it.



DEPROGRAMMED in The Function of Freedom
Genre: Short Fiction
Words: 4,100
Status: Now available at Amazon