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Of Heroes, Homes and Honey

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It Came From The Great Salt Lake.

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The Great Salt Lake is a remnant of an ancient lake that was almost as long as the State of Utah. What mysteries does it hold in its briny waters? What secrets lurk in its murky shores? 

…a malevolent spirit haunts a pregnant woman, luring her ever closer to the salty depths, yet what it wants is much more horrifying than death…

…the inversion and smog in the Salt Lake Valley carries more than just bad air…

…two locals find more than they bargain for when they unearth an ancient box buried in the salt-caked muck…

…a trip to Wendover turns deadly when something decides to tag along for the ride…

…a young girl hears voices in her head, voices that keep her company. But there’s something else in the void of her psyche, something that’s growing stronger, something that wants out…

Whether its mystery, apparitions, ancient curses, or a modern day apocalypse, one thing holds all these tales together: The Great Salt Lake. Nestled inside the second anthology of Utah horror, are tales intended to delight a wide range of readers, everything from traditional horror, to romance, comedy and young adult. The authors share a connection to Utah (bringing them closer to the salty depths of the lake) bringing the reader another taste of local talent ranging from the “salty” veteran to the slick greenhorn. Sit back, cuddle up in a warm blanket, and stay away from the water while you enjoy these tales from the Great Salt Lake.

My story is called MAY 15TH. It's an apocalyptic vision of man's choices and nature's balance.

A Utah Horror Anthology like Old Scratch and Owl Hoots.


MAY 15TH in It Came From The Great Salt Lake
Genre: Short Fiction: Horror (regional-Utah)
Words: 5,600
Status: Available now on Amazon from Griffin Publishers.