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Of Heroes, Homes and Honey

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Little Visible Delight.

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Often the most powerful and moving stories are generated by writers who return time and again to a particular idea, theme, or image. Obsession in a writer's imagination can lead to accomplishment or to self-destruction. Consider Poe and his pale, dead bride; his fascination with confinement and mortality; his illness and premature death. Or Flannery O'Connor's far less soul-crushing fondness for peacocks. Some writers pay a high price for their obsessions, while others maintain a crucial distance. Whichever the case, obsessions can produce compelling fiction.

Little Visible Delight is an anthology of original stories in which eleven authors of dark fiction explore some their most intimate, writerly obsessions.


My contribution to this obsessive anthology is called THE POINT. It's an eerie pschological horror about the terrible costs of fear and prophecy. It's really good. Hell, what am I saying? The whole anthology is bloody great. Well worth a pick up.


THE POINT in Little Visible Delight
Genre: Short Fiction: Pscychological Horror/Obsession
Words: 5,200 / (20 pages)
— Part of Little Visible Delight (168 pages)
Status: Available now on Amazon US from Omnium Gatherum.