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Of Heroes, Homes and Honey

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Of Kings, Queens and Colonies.

Coronam, Book 1

Of Kings, Queens and Colonies

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Humanity gets another chance but will anything be different?

Nearly a millennium after The Unsettling of old Earth, the new civilized worlds are on the brink of war. The planet Enskari, as an affront to tradition and the Prophet on Temple, has placed Zabel, a woman upon its throne. With the backing of the church, Brandon of Hyrax readies an armada to subdue Enskari and unite the system under a single rule—his own.

Meanwhile an Enskaran group of separatists depart for the last unclaimed world of the system, Tirgwenin. There they will find something strange. Something low and connective, subtle and spreading. Something alien. Something truly threatening.

This is a fantastic book, the first in a fantastic series. Set in the not too distant future, mankind finds themselves again at a critical crossroads of choice. The way we went last time, back on Old Earth, was conquest and domination, greed and cruelty. Such mistakes eventually destroyed that world. Old patterns were smuggled forward to a new system, archaic ideas we should have long grown out of, are played out again to our coming destruction.

The story comes from several important inspirations. First was the legend of the "lost colonly of Roanoke" as explored through Lee Miller's book. Another was my desire to answer Ursula K Le Guin's call for the imagining of different societies and economic systems than our current poisonous one. I could not find a complete Utuopia, but I easily imagined how we could do better and from there came a simple idea of kindness summed up in the phrase "how big is your family?" Recognizing the moment in Sixteenth Century Europe where fuedalism was dying and capitalsm was being born, I returned there to explore new worlds, giving humanity another chance, knowing what we know, evolving socially, to chance another direction."

The story sweeps across worlds and voids around an angry sun, Coronam, a star not as kind as we grew up with. From pauper to king, knight, pirate, lover and zealot, the scope of the story can only be described as epic.

I am extraordinarily lucky to have landed this trilogy with Flame Tree Press, offering international distribution through Simon and Schuster.


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Genre: Epic Science Fiction
Words: 124,000
Status: Now Available at Amazon from Flame Tree Press.