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Shadowed Hourglass

A Collection of Poetry and Prose

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Award Winning

Award winning story

Time rushes past like a river, sculpting us as it flows. The award-winning stories and poems in this collection explore how we change as the sands run through the hourglass, and the knowledge we gain from those experiences.


This is another great honor for me. This is the third time one of my award-winning stories has been picked to grace the League of Utah Writers annual anthology. I share these pages with a group of outstanding authors. My story is enough to justify the purchase of this book; the others make it an absolute steal. My story A SENSE OF JUSTICE won First Place in the Horror short story category. I'm very proud of it. Before its inclusion in this anthology, A SENSE OF JUSTICE was published in The Witching Time of Night anthhology. Follow that link to read more about this story there.



A SENSE OF JUSTICE in Shadwowed Hourglass
Genre: Short Fiction
Words: 3,200
Status: Now available at Amazon