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Reviews and notices for my beloved ELEANOR from around the internet.

"Worthen has created a compelling and mysterious character and crafted an intriguing story for her that unfolds with a fierce, graceful elegance. I was captivated from page one. Bravo!" —Anne Hillerman, author, Spider Woman's Daughter

ELEANOR, The Unseen Reviews:banner

— "A riveting supernatural character study wrought with the pains of first love and the struggles of self-acceptance."

School Library Journal
— "A fast-paced paranormal story of love and family, remembrance and survival... Worthen’s handling of the volatile issues of racism, societal inequalities, gossip mongering, peer pressure, bullying, death, and abandonment will provide readers with numerous opportunities for in-depth discussion."

Deseret News
— "It is a great novel and lays an intriguing basis for the Unseen trilogy."

The Cumbrian Bookbird
— "The characters have the depth of real people, so the challenges they face become the reader’s fights, but more than that, the story ambushes you in just a few pages. It’s the kind of book that permeates your mind."

Ellie Reads - A Lot
—"Every once in a while, like a magic spell, a book series comes along that takes me away to a magical place and never lets me go.  Harry Potter did that.  So, to a lesser extent, did Percy Jackson.  Uglies did a good job, too.  And now, I have another trilogy (and maybe more? *crosses fingers*) that I can add to my list of must-reads: The Unseen by Johnny Worthen."

Collings Notes
— "It is, in a word, extraordinary."

Tentacle Books
"Worthen captures emotion in words."

F. J. R. Titchenell
— "Eleanor loves deeply... she's heroic yet vulnerable."

View from the Crystal Ball
— "This book masterfully captures the feel of growing up in a small town where everyone knows everyone and they all think they know what the real stories are."

Cabin Goddess
"Johnny blend[s] the conventions and tropes of YA into a story with a message young adults need and adults need reminding of. It’s very well balanced and is definetly in my top 10 YA Reads this year."

Jalyn Ely
— "I was enthralled the whole way through... My advice: buy this book."

Lehua Parker
— "
At the heart of the book is their symbiotic redemptive love, a love so strong that it has the power to work miracles."

Addicted to Books
— "Literally made me scream out... But those are the best kind of moments when a book grabs you and makes you feel some type of way."

Bundles of Books
— "I devoured it."

Erindipity, Recommend it Monday
— "The book is fantastic."

All Things Urban Fantasy
—"My heart broke for her several times as she struggled against her own assumptions, about herself and others, and tried to find the best solution to problems no one should have to face."

Christy's Cozy Corners
— "Eleanor is a beautifully written, moving young adult novel. Eleanor, book one in The Unseen series, is a winner!"

Brichi's Lit Spot
— "So here’s a stack of books at home that will be going into the library in August, Which ones are my favorites? Why the supernatural psycho thriller of course! The Unseen Eleanor"

Inkk Reviews
— "Eleanor is Paranormal at its best!"

David Powers King
— "I pretty much ate this book in one sitting. It may just be the best novel I've read this year. ELEANOR explores deep topics, defining what it means to be a monster and what it means to be human. And what it means to choose."

Hezzi-D's Books and Cooks
— "Her secret is an interesting one that I haven’t found in many books, even paranormal ones.

Angela's Attitude Adjustment
— "It was one of the most lovely pieces of literary fiction I’d ever had the pleasure of reading. The words glided effortlessly into my mind and touched my heart."

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales
— "it is truly one of the best written stories I have read in a long time."

Up in the Bibliosphere
— My favorite part of Eleanor is the unflinching way it approached timeless, human themes: loss, friendship, family, and the dark parts inside all of us that we'd rather no one knew about. On the surface, Eleanor is a drop in the YA "paranormance" bucket, but if you take the time to read it, you'll find it is so much more."

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Readers
— "If you are looking for a great read, just stop here. You’ve found it."

Ann Marie Meyers
— "Johnny Worthen reels the reader in like a fish on a hook, with anticipation and patience, until he has you exactly where he wants you."

— "This is one of the most original takes on shapeshifter legends I’ve seen in YA fantasy."

Fiction Vortex
— "I can honestly say that Johnny Worthen has created in Eleanor one of the most multi-faceted (on a few levels one might not suspect), conflicted, and beautiful characters that I have ever read."

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