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Of Heroes, Homes and Honey

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The Hermit of Big Horn County.

A Tony Flaner Mystery

The Hermit of Big Horn County

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Everyone has something to hide, even the naked guy.

A dare leads Tony and the gang to northern Wyoming for a trip off the grid to kick their screen addictions. No computers, no phones, no flushing toilets… wait, what?

It’s a place to hide, to be forgotten. To be left the hell alone. A perfect place for a hermit. A perfect place for a murder.

Lurking in the scree are old-fashioned motives, mud, mosquitoes, meadows, mountains, and more manure than any twenty-first century urbanite has any right to experience.

Old versus new, convenience or tradition. Screen addiction and a prepping. This book has it all.

I developed the idea after a trip I took with the wife to Northern Wyoming. The place was spectacular in a desolate kind of way. Mesas popping out of nowhere and rolling hills that could hide a band of crazed Apaches; homesteads that seemed to raise nothing but antelope. And of course Custer's infamous hill just over the border in Montana. At the time I was working on my own screen addiction, a problem I still wrestle with, but one that I managed to get a book out of.

I'm very proud of this addition to the Flaner cannon and hope you dig it. Let me know what you think of it.


Genre: Detective Mystery/Comedy
Words: 115,000
Status: Available now at Amazon from Rough Edges Press.