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Of Heroes, Homes and Honey

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If Not Now, When?

An Infinite Monkeys Antthology

If Not Now, When?Now available at Amazon

Award Winning

Award winning story

A collection of curated short stories, flash fiction, and poetry across multiple genres in response to the question, “If not now, when?” authored by members of The League of Utah Writers Infinite Monkeys Chapter.


I helped edit and assemble this second anthology from my favorite League of Utah Writers Chapter, The Infinite Monkeys.

I have a piece in this one too. Mine is called THE LAST CHANCE and is a touch of politics, a touch of horror, a touch of Americana. It won Third Place in the Olive Wooley Burt awards. It's a story written before the event it looks to pertain to. Really, it hadn't happened yet, but then it did. What happened in my story didn't happen, however. Perhaps it should have. Cryptic enough for you? Check it out. It's a great story and a great anthology.




THE LAST CHANCE in If Not Now, When?
Genre: Short Fiction
Words: 3,100
Status: Now Available at Amazon